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Magento custom block, design & development

Ecommerce development experience

I have more than 7 years in the e-commerce development. I have a lot of Joomla-Virtuemart and osCommerce webshops. It was a really challenge for me because some webshop need to look out like a magento webshop (designs and functions). The virtuemart needs a lot of development. You can find some examples in my protfolio page.

MAGENTO experience

I think the experience of other ecommerce systems is helpful for me when I am in a magento project.

I prefered Magento in the last 2 years and I was looking for the Magento tasks and projects.

I am skilled in the Magento front-end and I can design and develope new skins and new blocks.

Usually I use mySQL database engine but I olso have some Oracle experience. I am very curious and waiting for the next magento with oracle databese connection.

I am interested in...

Ohh, I'm all that interested in Magento. I am passionate about Magento development and improving my knowledge always.I like the new ideas and solutions and I am able to think with the customers's brain (customer-side).

Demo magento modul

You can find a magento demo site on the right sidebar. I would like to represent some absolutely unique block designs. I have used jQuery for this.

Top10 products with different style like others

It was one of my idea. I wanted to make the top 10 products to show in a completely different way and appearance. For this I had to design a different face for the product list and had to develop a new block. I am able to pass some parameters to the block and I can manage it's appearance.

How can you define a top10 block?

You have to use this code:

{{block type="szalay_topratedproducts/view" width="680" column="3" row="1" float="left" template="topratedproducts/view.phtml" }} 

You can put this code anywhere. You can put it into a cms page or a static block... left or right sidebar... or into your text content.

If you would like to define a new block in your layout xml file then you have to use this code:

<reference name="left">
   <block type="szalay_topratedproducts/view" name="topratedproducts.view" template="topratedproducts/view.phtml">
      <action method="setData"><name>width</name><value>220</value></action>
      <action method="setData"><name>column</name><value>1</value></action>
      <action method="setData"><name>row</name><value>2</value></action>
      <action method="setData"><name>float</name><value>left</value></action>

The parameters:

  • WIDTH in pixel
    If you'd like to show this block on a sidebar then you have to set the width for the best fit. But if you'd like to show this block on a cms page (content) or anywhere else then you can set the best width. Important to know if you change the phisicaly width then the images and text size fill be changed too. It is a good idea and the customer don't need to set the all things and sizes.
  • COLUMNS (1, 2 or 3)
  • ROWS (1, 2 or 3)
    The top10 block has three own small blocks. These small blocks can float in that grid (area) what you define with the columns and rows. It will be a logical grid. For example if you'd like to show these three small blocks in line (horizontaly) then you have to set the colums to 3 and the rows to 1. If you have a thin place but it is tall (maybe sidebar) then you have to define the columns to 1 and the rows to 3 or less.
  • FLOAT (left or right)
    You can define the floating of small blocks to left or to right.

You have 3 pieces and 3 different small blocks. These small blocks have 4-2-5 small place to show products. It is eleven place. If you show all the three small blocks then it will be a top11. It's not a bug it's a feature. :)

it has 4 places it has 2 places it has 5 places

The backgrounds

You have some different backgrounds with different colors. The block will defines the backgrounds. It's randomize at moment. I think to change the background's color for every displaying sometimes is good idea because the top10 list isn't will be changed too often. It is a good idea for funny websites.

Some example for positioning









Zsolt Szalay
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